2nd-Floor Phone Booths (BEFORE) 1st-Floor Kitchen (BEFORE) 

About NEWORK Space

Are you an entrepreneur, freelancer, commuter, or student looking for community, connection, and a flexible, affordable workplace?

We are a coworking community of diverse professionals based in a historic building on the Courthouse Square in downtown Newark, Ohio. Flexibility is our middle name: Whatever your needs are, we probably have a plan for that, and we love finding creative solutions to meet the needs of our members and customers. With 6,000 square feet of fully renovated and furnished space, three private meeting rooms, phone booths, lounge areas, a full kitchen, and a suite of private offices for short- or long-term use, there's always room for one more. Come and see how a coworking community can create new opportunities for well-being, connection, and growth for yourself and your business. 

2nd-Floor Phone Booths (AFTER)

1st-Floor Kitchen (AFTER)

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